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Thermometers, Berlese funnels and Insect houses

Ethyl Acetate, hypodermic syringes, thermometers, Berlese funnel and an insect habitat.
If you can't find what you're looking for please contact us as we may be able to source it for you.
Prices are subject to VAT for UK customers.

Hypodermic Syringe

6.10 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Spare needle for E636

1.58 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Ethyl Acetate (UK only)

3.35 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Berlese funnel (currently unavailable)

205.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Electronic Max-Min thermometer

19.94 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Ladybird / Bug Box

11.25 (exc. VAT at 20%)