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Geology cabinet and Specimen boxes

Geological specimen boxes and cabinets.
Prices are subject to VAT for UK and EU customers.



Geological specimen boxes

Glass-topped box constructed of card with lift-off lid.
Black leatherette paper exterior and white inside.
If you prefer, a white leatherette exterior can be made - just put your requirements into the comments box when you check out.
Sizes are based on external dimensions of the finished box.

0.47 Ex VAT at 20%



Geological Cabinet

A 10-drawer cabinet made of mahogany faced plywood with polished exterior and lift-off door.
Overall dimensions: 45x37x71cm high.
Each drawer is 40x33cm and designed to take modular white trays which are in three sizes: large, medium and small.
Trays can be arranged to your own layout with any combination. Layouts can easily be re-arranged as necessary. Each cabinet is complete with a selection of all three sizes. Further trays are available separately (see below).

790.00 Ex VAT at 20%

Geological Trays:

(as described above)

0.90 Ex VAT at 20%

0.65 Ex VAT at 20%

0.45 Ex VAT at 20%




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