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Store boxes and Display cases

A variety of boxes for displaying and storing specimens, including Museum style boxes, Exhibition cases, Postal boxes, Store boxes and Geological boxes.
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Museum style boxes

Traditionally black and white paper exterior, card box with glass lid and plastazote lining, suitable for both English and continental length pins (internal depth 50mm).
All black or all white version are also available.

Black and White Museum boxes:

Black Museum boxes:

White Museum boxes:



Exhibition cases

Polished wood exterior, finished in a traditional mahogany coloured stain.
High quality cases with lift-off glazed lid, corked and white-papered, with integral camphor cell. Brass catches are fitted to retain the lid, complete with wall hanging brass plate.
All these cases are suitable for both English and continental length pins.

These cases can also be lined with coloured flock, useful for displaying items such as medals and spoons. Black, emerald green and royal blue are available, please contact us to order these.



Paradox exhibition cases

Well-made glass fronted cases in limewood, with plastazote on the base.
No camphor cell.
Suitable for English and continental pins.



Postal boxes for insects

The single sided box has a cork lined base with a sliding lid.
The double sided boxes are cork and papered on both sides and hinged.



Store Boxes

High quality boxes with tight fitting lids.
Traditionally corked in both lid and base and papered white. The Deep boxes can also be lined with plastazote.
Integral camphor cell, brass hinges and catches.
Specimens can be pinned into both the lid and base.
The standard boxes are suitable for pins up to 30mm long and the extra deep boxes up to 38mm length pins.
The timber used is a sustainable hardwood.
Sizes below are external measurements.

Standard store boxes:

Deep store boxes:

Either lined with cork and paper or plastazote



Geological boxes

Glass-topped box constructed of card with lift-off lid.
Black leatherette paper exterior and white inside.
If you prefer, a white leatherette exterior can be made - just put your requirements into the comments box when you check out.

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