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Robinson 125W MV moth trap and spares

One of the best moth traps for quantities and species of moth attracted.
Prices are subject to VAT for UK customers.

All our traps catch moths alive so that they are ideal for survey work, population counts and collecting fertile females for breeding programmes.
Due to component supply delays, there can be a waiting period of around 2 weeks for the complete moth traps. Spares and accessories are available but any delays are indicated in the product descriptions.

The Robinson MV moth trap is one of the best moth traps for quantities and species of moth attracted with a 125W Mercury Vapour lamp. The base and cone are made of high impact moulded ABS plastic and the trap is rustless, robust and light. Supplied complete as illustrated with all electrical fittings, lamp and rainshield as well as 50m flex on a handy cable winder and operating instructions.
Designed for 200-250 volt operation, a transformer can be used to adapt for 110v supply.
For personal safety we strongly recommend an earth leakage trip be fitted or similar device.

Robinson moth trap - no electrics

Robinson moth trap - no electrics

204.75 (exc. VAT at 20%)

MV lamp - 125 watt ES screw fitting

17.90 (exc. VAT at 20%)
Spare flex - 50 metres

Spare flex - 50 metres

27.55 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Spare 50m flex on cable winder

32.99 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Choke for MV lamp

96.50 (exc. VAT at 20%)
Transparent collar

Transparent collar

22.95 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Splashproof rubber connector

6.75 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Brass lamp holder - 2 pin

7.50 (exc. VAT at 20%)

BC to ES Adapter

8.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Rain shield for MV lamp

7.14 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Robinson moth trap cone

59.95 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Earth leakage trip - 30MA

14.20 (exc. VAT at 20%)

Brass MV lamp holder - 3-pin

8.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)