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Second Hand Cabinets

We currently have the following second-hand cabinets available.
Please note: to avoid duplication these are not available to buy online so please telephone us to secure the cabinet you require.
Prices include VAT but do not include delivery - this will be confirmed when you contact us.

The cabinets for sale are in stock but some have yet to be tidied up and repapered. Please bear in mind these cabinets are many years old now, some going back to pre-1914 so a description of good condition does not imply an immaculate cabinet after all the many years of usage by entomologists! All the cabinets we offer are in better or good working condition as described and the exterior is tidied up, sometimes repaired, cleaned and polished and the drawers repapered. If you are looking for a cabinet in perfect condition we can offer new ones in 5, 10 and 20 drawers. Other sizes can be made to order.

We buy cabinets - if you have a cabinet you would like to sell, please contact us.
We also offer a service of repapering customers' cabinet drawers if required. Please contact us.

W&D microscope slide cabinet

365.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)

8-drawer cabinet in deal

 360.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

12-drawer cabinet with glass door

 1,000.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

20-drawer W&D cabinet with solid doors

 1,995.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

20-drawer W&D cabinet with glass door

 1,950.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

20-drawer W&D cabinet in mahogany with glass door

 1,950.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

40-drawer cabinet with solid doors by R Cattle

 3,750.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)