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Beepol Large Hive

Each large Beepol Bumblebee hive has a Queen, workers and eggs. The large hive has 60-80 workers at the start, but will build to much higher numbers. The hive is supplied with its own sugar water as an internal food source. Each colony will normally live for 2 -3 months, depending on conditions and weather. Live hives are delivered between May and -June each year.

Designed for use in a greenhouse or for the customer to provide a shelter for it when used outside.
A viewing panel in the lid allows observation of the colony as it develops, whilst the exit and entrance system enable you to watch the bees at work, as they bring pollen back to the hive.

The 2020 season has now finished. Any orders placed now will be logged for despatch once the 2021 season is ready.

79.17 Ex VAT at 20%


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