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Beepol Villa & Hive

The new Beepol Villa is the replacement for older Beepol Lodges, Cabins and Beepol Copper roofed Villas, which are no longer produced. The new Villa has a rough grey felt detachable roof, to gain easy access to the bees. It is made of FSC timber and handmade in the UK. The entrance hole at the front gives the bees easy access to the colony and the ventilation hole at the back helps to keep air circulating in the hive on warm days. The wooden legs raise it above the ground and make it easy to place on a variety of different surfaces.

The top of the Villa can be completely removed to allow access for viewing or maintenance. The old anti-wax moth door has been removed, as tests over the past 2 years have shown that the application of B401 solution provides better protection against wax moth attacks. See product E6798 in related products below.

It can be situated in your garden as a stand alone feature, ensuring every summer you can enjoy the sight and sounds of British Bumblebees hard at work in your garden.

Beepol bumblebee hives will die out naturally after 2-3 months and do not overwinter. The lifespan is often dictated by its surroundings and can vary.

145.83 Ex VAT at 20%


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