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Beepol Villa & Hive

The Beepol Villa is handmade in the UK from timber sourced from FSC plantations. There is a ventilation hole for air flow to the bees and to allow the hive to cool down in hot weather conditions. Sturdy wooden legs raise the villa off the ground. The grey, rough felt roof is for weather protection . The roof is detachable and helps to access and view the bees.The bee entrance hole is designed to lead directly into the large colony, which makes it more difficult for wax wax moths to access the colony. The New Beepol Villa has been designed to house the LARGE Beepol hive and will look fantastic in any garden.

This offering comes with a full colony of British Bumblebees (Bombus Terrestris) which can be delivered in spring. Each colony comes with a Queen, around 60-70 workers, eggs and a food supply of sugar water housed beneath the colony itself. The Villa will be dispatched with the bees.

Beepol bumblebee hives will die out naturally after 2-3 months and do not overwinter. The lifespan is often dictated by its surroundings and can vary.
Villa measurements - W- 31cm / D- 34cm / H-32cm

Any orders placed now will be logged for despatch once the 2021 season is ready. It could be better to go for the Villa with voucher instead - see related products, below

145.83 Ex VAT at 20%

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