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Pop-Up Butterfly Collection **Currently unavailable**

Lifesize butterflies of the British isles and Europe.
A superbly photo-realistic and lifesize "trompe l'oeil" (trick of the eye) butterfly collection - with 47 of the most widespead and well-known butterflies throughout the British Isles and Europe. Size: 42 x 30cm.

- A colourful eye-catching display for any room - in any home, office, classroom, community space...
- Designed to be both an attractive interior decoration and a useful info-graphic butterfly guide.
- A perfect fit or purchase for any adult or child.
- State of the art precision lasercutting - ready to "pop up"
- Best for all - No butterfly was harmed to make this poster.

British designed and owned.
Ethically produced and printed on sustainable eco-friendly card.

Please Note: There are 2 butterflies in this collection that DO NOT usually open their wings to "sun" themselves- so they DO NOT "pop up". These 2 butterfly's undersides (all that are normally seen) are shown instead.
Pop- up butterfly collections can be displayed with fridge magnets, map or drawing pins, blu-tack etc - they can be framed in either a custom made or ready made "box frame".

**Currently unavailable**

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