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B401 Anti-Wax Moth Concentrate

B401 is a natural bacteria used in the treatment of wax moth larvae. It does not stop the wax moth from entering the hive, but will stop the increase of wax moth larvae.
Once the solution is sprayed onto the cardboard & wood inside the Villa or Queen Beehive, any wax moth attaching itself to the inside of the hive will naturally ingest the solution, which will kill it.
Sold as a concentrate, once diluted, it can be sprayed on the cardboard colony box and the Villa exterior and interior.
Any undiluted concentrate can be stored in a fridge for use again next season.
All aspects of the bees house and colony must be sprayed and left to dry.
The Villa Beehive and bee box need to be sprayed every 3-4 weeks, to ensure constant fresh bacteria to combat the wax moth.
This should ensure our Beepol hives have a fighting chance against the devastation that the wax moth can cause.
For further details please visit Dragonfli.

16.66 Ex VAT at 20%

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